How Four Celebrities Dealt Their with Hair Loss


celebritiesAlopecia, generally referred to as hair loss, impacts about 56 million Americans, including celebrities. Most of the population will experience some type of hair loss in the course of their lifetime, but fortunately there are numerous hair restoration options available.

When someone first notices signs of hair loss, it can be very upsetting, particularly in the Hollywood spotlight. The pressure to maintain a youthful look is very prevalent in the life of a celebrity.

Four Celebrities Who Shared Their Hair Loss Experiences

Even though signs and symptoms of hair loss can be worrisome, many celebrities have shared their stories with the public, bringing light to their situations. Hair loss can greatly affect a person’s self-esteem, but these celebrities have proven it does not have to define you.

Matthew McConaughey

His hair is as iconic as his name, that’s why his early signs of significant hair loss were hard to accept. Gradually, McConaughey’s hair loss was becoming more and more noticeable. He began to openly mention his ‘silver dollar’ — a prominent   bald spot on top of his head. After using a non-surgical hair restoration solution, he became known for his success with treatment.

Wayne Rooney

Professional soccer player, Wayne Rooney once suffered from severe hair loss. Being out on the soccer field doesn’t offer much privacy so when he opted to restore his hair it was encouraging for fans to witness his enlightening transformation.

Tyra Banks

When you think about hair loss, Tyra Banks is probably the last person who comes to mind. In reality, Tyra opened up about how she suffered from stress-related alopecia, or ‘telogen effluvium,’ during a book promotion.

John Travolta

Not unlike anyone else in their 60’s, John Travolta was often photographed with thinning, receding hair. After undergoing a hair restoration treatment, he proudly showed off his new locks.

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Photo Credit: chynsiah Via Pixabay