Hottest Summer Hairstyles for 2019


summerSay hello to summer with a fresh new look that takes serious inspiration from the past. This year’s hottest hairstyles are loving the retro look in a big way. And the best news is, bedhead and fly-away locks only make these styles look better. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest hairstyles for Summer 2019.

70’s Mid Length

Sleek and straight is tricky when the weather is hot and humid. Embrace the wavier look, with a mid-length, just under the shoulder cut that allows you to experiment with texture. It’s not so long it’s unmanageable, but allows plenty of freedom with styling and layering. Natasha Lyonne demonstrates this perfectly with a mid-length shag cut straight from the rock-chick era.

Big is Back

Extra volume is making a huge comeback this summer. Whatever the length, let it grow and style it wild for superb, beach-ready locks. If your hair is on the thin side, use a volumizing spray or texturing product to add a little volume and structure. Messy chic is the desired look here, so this style is ideal if you’re growing your hair out from a previous cut. Or take a leaf out of Versace’s book and glam it up with accessories and plenty of height.

Soft Bangs

Straight from the 70s, it’s time to say welcome back to bangs. Ok, so they never really went away, but we’re moving from tight, glossy bangs that don’t have a hair out of place to a softer, face-framing fringe that really accentuates the cheekbones. Swingy bangs that just graze the eyes are a celebrity favorite- See actor Kerry Washington rocking her bangs, above. Keep the parting central and don’t over style for a natural, whimsical look this summer.

Shaggy and Sassy

Forget keeping it neat; summer 2019 is all about the shag. Any length, any color, keep it natural and just a little messy. Strands of varying lengths add texture and detail, which works really well with colored and highlighted hair to show off the range of shades. A good shag cut has plenty of layers to create more movement and body. For a ‘surf’s up’ look, leave long hair to dry naturally and embrace those fly-away strands and just a touch of frizz.

This summer’s hair is care-free and bringing back the fun vibe of the seventies. What’s your top hairstyle for the season? If you’re dealing with hair loss our professional stylists at Custom Hair Tampa Bay will help you gain a gorgeous full head of hair again. To schedule a free consultation at one of our three locations click here.



Photo credit: pattyann Via Pixabay