The Hottest Men’s Hairstyles for Spring 2021


The weather is getting warmer and the world is slowly opening up again. It’s time to step out (safely) with a new look, courtesy of one of these men’s hairstyles that are sure to rock this spring. Which will you ask your barber for when you get the chance?

The Crew Cut

An absolute classic that’s never been more in fashion, thanks to it being such a popular home-haircut style! Now that barbers are starting to open back up in some places, don’t expect the crew cut to vanish—it’s cool, smart, and goes with anything.

High Fade

Fades, low or high, never go out of fashion. But, in a world that can’t wait to get back to the barber, expect to see some dramatic high fades this spring. High fades are about keeping it short for as high as possible, then it’s up to you how long you take the hair around your crown. Not recommended for home styling.

The Caesar

That smart, Roman-inspired fringe is one of those men’s hairstyles that says you’re in control and you know what you’re doing. Take it short all over except the front, which you need to have in a perfectly straight but quite high fringe. An eye-catching and confident spring style.


Big hair is in, and that includes men’s hairstyles as well! The blowout is the artful way of appearing a little windswept without actually looking scruffy or unkempt. The key is shorter hair around the sides and long on top—as long as you can handle with a little product and a good comb. Let it all sweep out to one side and enjoy turning a few heads this spring.


You might associate this style with thinning hair, and it is certainly good for disguising areas of the scalp. But the comb-over with its stylish side parting is actually on trend for spring 2021. Even very long hair that’s not had the barber treatment for some time can be swept over, giving you a rakish and intriguing look that can take years off you.

If hair loss or thinning is stopping you from getting a new spring hairstyle, speak to an expert and take back control. There might be more solutions out there than you realize. At Custom Hair Tampa Bay our staff is technically trained in the latest state-of-the-art hair replacement systems and hair loss treatment options for men that are undetectable to others and only use the finest human hair. To schedule a free consultation click here.

Photo Credit: RoyalAnwar Via Pixabay