The Hottest Hair Accessories This Summer

hair accessories

hair accessoriesSummer is well underway and the hottest hair accessories look like they’re here to stay for a while longer yet. We’ve picked out 3 of the most popular accessories for you that have been on trend during these warmer months.

The Turban Wrap

Perfect for keeping your hair out of your eyes on the breezy beach, this is a stylish alternative to the standard headband. Available in an eye-watering range of colors and fabrics, the Bohemian vibe of the turban wrap is a go-to style for 2018. For busy people, it’s easy to throw on, either to scrape stray hairs away from the face or to tie up in a more complex style. Fun and practical, the turban wrap is ideal for hot and humid summer weather.

Volume Enhancers

When simply scraping back your hair won’t do, you might need a little help achieving the volume you need for a desired style. That’s where tools such as padding come in. Often used by stylists for catwalk models, padding devices are easily available nowadays for everyday styling. A common accessory is the hair donut. Your own hair or a hair piece wraps around the donut for a bun style, top knot or whatever beautiful structure you can create. Oblong padding provides a more unusual structure, whilst for very long but thin hair, a large piece of padding allows a dramatic updo that you might not have thought possible.

Ribbons Return

They might remind you of school days and pigtails, but you only have to look to the red carpet to see that ribbons have made a massive comeback in 2018. Celebrity hairstylist Lacy Redway says, “…they’re such an easy way of updating your ponytail,” and notes that they give a feminine touch without being overly complicated. She likes the black ribbon look, as it signifies strength. A bow in the hair doesn’t have to just be a cotton ribbon. Leather, velvet and even gift wrap bows are all being worn with pride!

These useful and beautiful hair accessories look like they’re here to stay for now. Which will you be wearing?

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Photo Credit: Pexels Via Pixabay