Hot Summer Hairstyles for 2020

summer hairstyles

summer hairstylesSummer is the time of year where temperatures can get soaring like El Niño, which provides the ideal opportunity to try out some short and comfy dos. We visit some of the top summer hairstyles for 2020 that will have you exuding confidence while wicking away some sweat.

Space Buns

A futuristic look inspired by retro sci-fi flicks (particularly Carrie Fisher from the Star Wars franchise). Space buns are a cool way to level up the commonplace hair bun. This casual hairstyle is the perfect solution if you’re running errands and seeking a convenient yet chic way to tame your long hair. For a more intergalactic twist to the look, apply bold-colored dyes such as bubblegum pink, or give it an iridescent treatment.

Short Pixie Cut

The short pixie cut is a popular choice for those who are opting for a low-maintenance look this season. Model Kaia Gerber recently lobbed off her locks in favor of this stunning and comfortable alternative. The hairstyle is positioned at a comfortable level that frames the face, which accentuates the jawline. Individuals with fine hair can easily add volume to the look with the gentle touch-up from a curling wand.

Half-up Half-down

A hybrid look with the best of both worlds (combining the comforts of short dos with the glamour of longer styles). This signature style keeps the pesky fringe tucked neatly away while the rest of the hair cascades effortlessly. Half-up half-down looks have been famously worn by celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Khloe Kardashian. Additionally, they are a practical choice for individuals with oily and frizzy hair, offering sweet relief under the summer heat.

Short Beachy Waves

Beachy waves are quite possibly the poster child of Summer. The season is closely tied with outdoor activities – and few sights represent the outdoors quite as well as those crashing tidal waves at the coastline. This short casual version of the popular beachy waves carries fun summer vibes while being low-maintenance is definitely a plus under the blazing sun. The look can be achieved by running a flat iron evenly through the front and back of each hair section. Celebrities Sienna Miller and Jessica Alba have been spotted donning this style with perfection.

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Photo Credit: katyalison Via Pixabay