Hormonal Hair Horror: Why Teenage Hair Loss Occurs

teenage hair loss

teenage hair lossIt’s always stressful suffering from hair loss. But for teenagers, it can be even more shocking and upsetting. People under twenty don’t really expect to start losing their hair, yet 25% of men experience the first signs of hair loss before they reach 21. Women and girls are also susceptible to hair loss, and for image-conscious teens, losing hair can be devastating. But why does teenage hair loss happen?


Being a teenager is one of the most stressful periods of our lives. There are so many decisions to make, about education, work, family; these formative years can determine your future. It’s no wonder that all this pressure leads to high stress levels, and even conditions such as depression and anxiety. Stress puts pressure on the body’s natural systems, including the hair shedding and replacement process. This can lead to hair falling out but not being replaced, leaving hair thinner and in poor condition. Stress is one of the major causes of teenage hair loss.

Hormonal Changes

Whilst all these massive life changes are going on, the body is going through some pretty major changes too. Testosterone floods through male bodies during the teen years, and even females carry low levels of the hormone. Testosterone reacts with certain enzymes, transforming into dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, a hormone responsible for hair loss.

Hormones are also affected by medication. Stressed out teens may be prescribed anti-depressants or beta blockers, and both can cause hair loss. Unfortunately for teenage girls, certain birth control pills are also associated with teen hair loss. Some acne treatments also cause hair loss, replacing one hormonal challenge with another. Check with a doctor what the side effects of medication might be.


Teens with full schedules and busy social lives might not be taking the time to eat properly. Fast food is great on the go, but usually contains lots of fat and carbohydrate and not many nutrients that are essential for healthy hair. Lean protein such as chicken and fish, or beans and pulses for non-meat eaters are vital for great hair and a healthy scalp. Less gluten can also benefit a good head of hair. Lots of fruit rich in vitamin C will help, as will minerals like zinc and iron in moderation. Avoid high doses of vitamins, like strong multi-vitamin tablets, as this could actually contribute towards teen hair loss. A high dose of vitamin A, for example, can disrupt the hormones enough to promote hair loss instead of preventing it.

These and many more factors contribute towards teenage hair loss. By understanding the problem, we can start to fight back and help our teens be happier and healthier. At Custom Hair Tampa Bay, we specialize in hair replacement for men, women and teenagers. To schedule a free consultation click here.


Photo Credit: Greyerbaby Via Pixabay