Helping Children Understand Hair Loss and Breast Cancer

breast cancer

breast cancerBeing diagnosed with breast cancer is an Earth shattering diagnosis with numerous things to consider. One of the difficulties confronted by most moms is the manner by which to tell their children and loved ones. Specifically, a mother receiving hair loss causing treatment can be a troublesome point to talk about, particularly with kids.

After receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, you’ll want time to think before telling others. The best time to tell kids is the point at which you have the statistics in mind and are going to begin treatment. It’s important to explain it sooner than later as kids will discover sudden changes terrifying. It is imperative to be completely transparent, as children have a method for discovering things on the web and through others. Giving them a timeline for your hair loss can be helpful so they know what to expect and when.

Giving a truthful explanation as to why hair loss occurs is a good place to start. Chemotherapy attacks fast growing cancer cells and since hair cells develop rapidly, they are likewise attacked. Clarifying that the chemotherapy is an extremely strong medicine and will eventually make mommy better.

Hair loss is traumatic for youngsters to witness. Indeed, even preschoolers will see something isn’t right. Again, clarify that your hair loss will undoubtedly begin around one to two weeks subsequent to the beginning of your breast cancer treatment. Remember to tell them that after the treatment, your hair will become back. Kids additionally require time to think things through, so be open and honest and give them an opportunity to ask questions about your breast cancer.

By allowing your kids to be part of your decision making, you will help them take control of a traumatic circumstance. Encourage them to be involved with your decisions regarding scarves, wigs or caps. For instance, you could have a sports team cap day where all the family wears their favorite team caps.

Another way to include them is to ask them whether you should shave off all of your hair or lose it gradually. They may also get a kick out of the chance to help you pick a wig and get it styled. By disclosing your hair loss in a transparent way and including them, they will feel more in control and positive about your fight with breast cancer.

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Photo Credit: crkmaga Via Pixabay