Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Truth About Hair Loss Myths

hair loss

hair lossJust like almost everything else about our bodies, our hair changes as we age too. Almost all of us will develop gray or white hair eventually, but many of us will also be confronted with thinning or balding hair. Hair loss myths abound about the causes, and we’re here to set the record straight on a few of them.

Blame Your Mom’s Dad

The primary gene responsible for male and female pattern baldness is passed from mother to child, but don’t go thinking your mom is responsible just yet. According to U.S. News & World Report, if your father displays signs of balding, you’re more likely to face the same issue than someone whose father is not balding.

Hair Loss is Always Irreversible and Permanent

While inherited pattern baldness is typically progressive and permanent, other causes for thinning and shedding hair might not be. Dr. Melissa Piliang, a dermatologist at Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic, points out that nutritional deficiency can play a large role in temporary balding. Iron and zinc are just two of the nutrients crucial for healthy hair growth, and they also happen to be fairly common deficiencies, particularly in women. A lack of these minerals can make your hair brittle and more prone to falling out.

You Wash Your Hair Too Much

Alarmed by the stray hairs you see on the shower floor? The most probable cause is simply that those were hairs on their way out anyway. The average person loses around 50 to 100 hairs each day, so vigorous shampooing just helps slough those hairs off a little earlier. Keep in mind also that wet hair is very fragile, so brushing your hair right after a shower can lead to breakage and an alarming number of hairs on the floor instead of on your head.

Your Hat is Making You Bald

The story goes that hats can “smother” your hair and speed up or even cause hair loss. Men’s Health reports that a very tight cap might lead to traction alopecia where the hat puts excessive pressure on your head. In other words, the pressure from the hat can cause thinning hair. But for the average person who wears an appropriately fitted cap, this isn’t a cause for concern.

So, what does cause hair thinning and loss? Well, there’s no single cause that applies to everyone. The Mayo Clinic says it can be caused by genetics, hormonal changes, and some medical conditions and treatments. If you’re worried about losing your hair, don’t pull out the rest of it in frustration while Googling possible explanations. Instead, consult a hair loss specialist for advice and treatment options.

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