Why You Need To See a Hair Loss Specialist for Hair Restoration


Does thinking about the condition of your hair and the health of your scalp bother you? Have you ever thought of visiting a hair loss specialist to guide you on the best option to restore healthy hair? If these questions keep on lingering in your mind because you suffer from hair loss, thinning of hair, alopecia, and hair breakage, then visiting a hair loss specialist is the best decision that you can make. A hair loss specialist, also called a trichologist, primarily deals with the study of hair and scalp problems and prescribes the best treatments for them[1]. 

How a Hair Loss Specialist Can Help You Cure Your Hair Loss

For effective treatment of your hair loss, it is prudent to diagnose and find the actual cause. Hair loss specialists know the causes of hair loss and have the experience needed to prescribe the right treatments.

When consulting a hair loss expert, expect to be undertaken through a thorough examination. The specialist may delve into questions covering thematic areas on scalp issues, nutrition, medical background, and stress. These questions help the specialist determine how they will treat you.

The thorough examination includes cross-examination of hair samples from your scalp through the microscope, taking photographs of your scalp, and sometimes blood work. Also, hair loss specialists analyze hair to check for the hair’s structural breaks.

The hair loss specialist later gives preliminary findings based on the completed diagnosis and based on the risk factors discussed; they then recommend the next best step, which includes:

Treatment creams and shampoos

Dietary advice

Referral to another specialist

Mental health professional (if stress causes your condition)

You can consult your hair loss specialist even if you don’t have a hair loss problem. They are usually willing to advise you on keeping your hair healthy and reducing the risk of future hair loss. 

However, it is important to note that hair loss specialists can recommend the best treatment to treat your ailment; they are not physicians who may perform surgical procedures or recommend a dosage of drugs.

What To Look for in a Hair Loss Specialist

While there is no specific certification for a hair loss specialist, you need to find a clinic whose specialist is very good in their area of expertise. Generally, good hair specialists have a vast knowledge of the subject matter and have a keen interest in knowing the causes and treating the conditions. For this reason, we recommend a practitioner who has vast experience in dealing with scalp conditions and loss of hair. Considering that hair loss is also caused by social and emotional factors[2], the hair loss practitioner will understand such complexities and help guide the best treatment for healthy hair restoration. Schedule a free consultation with Custom Hair Tampa Bay today by clicking here!

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