Hair Loss and Hair Growth

hair growth

hair growthOne of the important things to do when learning about hair loss is to understand how it grows. By getting to know the four phases of hair growth it is easier to see how the loss occurs. Here’s how hair grows.

The Anagen or Growing Phase

Hair grows around six inches each year with the entire phase taking 3-5 years. In this time a hair grows approximately 18 inches before it completes the growth phase. This phase lasts anything from three to seven years and depends on genetics and general health. If the anagen phase is cut short for a reason such as a high fever, stress or restrictive dieting a person can experience telogen effluvium or a sudden loss of hair because it slows the cycle down. Hair loss due to COVID-19 has also been associated with this condition.

Catagen or Regression Phase

The second phase of hair growth lasts around three weeks and is known as the catagen or regression phase. Hair detaches itself from the blood supply during this phase. It is then named a club hair. Male baldness typically occurs during this phase.

Telogen or Resting Phase

During the telogen phase the club hairs rest in the root while new hairs grow above them. This phase lasts around three months. Usually around 5 to 10 per cent of a person’s hair is in the telogen phase at any one time. If there is a significant problem with hair loss, around 30 percent of hairs enter the telogen phase so hair shedding will occur.

Exogen or Shedding Phase

Hair is shed when it has completed the growth cycle. It is normal to lose around 50-100 hairs a day. if a person has a condition such as telogen effluvium then significantly more hair will be shed and bald patches appear. It is important to discuss hair loss problems with a doctor so treatment options can be explored.

By understanding how hair grows, the issues with hair loss are more easily explained. Getting support for hair loss is important as some conditions are easily reversed and the problem resolved. At Custom Hair Tampa Bay, we offer customizable hair replacement solutions that are suited for each individual’s wants and needs. To schedule a free consultation click here.



Photo Credit: aiacPL Via Pixabay