Hair Loss and Celebrities – It Happens To The Best Of Us


An issue that’s plagued people for decades… And, it’s not just your average Joes. Whether you’re a doctor, plumber, mechanic, teacher or, heck, even a bin man, hair loss is a real issue no matter what your background and social status. You only have to look at some of the world’s celebrities.

Even the globe’s biggest stars can’t escape the issue. And, while the reasons for less can vary, the underlying issue remains the same. 

Everyone’s in the same boat. 

So let’s take a look at some of the highest-profile celebrities (male and female) that have had to deal with hair loss. 

5 Celebrities Who Have Had To Deal With Hair Loss 

Success and wealth come with perks and challenges, but the last thing you’d think superstars struggle with is hair loss, just like the rest of us, right? 

While celebrities have the means and funds to solve their hair issues, there is only so much you can do… 

Here are five of the most high-profile cases. 

1. Naomi Campbell 

One of the most high profile, and successful supermodels to come out of the UK, Naomi Campbell used weaves in her hairstyle excessively throughout her career. 

Now 46, the wear and tear on her scalp and hair follicles are visible. 

What is known as traction alopecia is caused by ‘tugging’ and too much weight being added to the natural amount of hair… 

Although we don’t know the exact extent of damage to Campbell’s hair, there are plenty of treatments available. 

2. Donald Trump 

The most famous case of ‘bad hair day’, Donald Trump is often mocked globally for his hair.  

One of the planet’s most famous figures is known for making huge deals, success in business, reality TV stardom and becoming president of the United States. His hair, however, (if left to its own devices) does not match his status.  

Image is crucial in Trump’s persona, so he takes a lot of care over it, and has reportedly spent $70,000 on his hairpiece in the form of scalp reduction surgery. 

3. Christina Aguilera 

Famous for sporting a wide range of hairstyles, the pop star has become synonymous with glamor, and she has hairstyles to match.  

However, this extensive hairdressing has certainly taken its toll. 

The extra stress and pull on her hair follicles have led to visible patches.   

4. Lebron James 

Lebron James is one of the most famous and successful basketball players to ever walk the earth. 

If you’re an avid watcher of the sport, you’ll know James’ hairline has been receding for years… 

Perhaps due to the natural reduction common in males, Lebron has seemingly undergone hair surgery to bring forward the line and somewhat restore his hair.

5. Drake 

As of 2020, there’s an all-new reason people are experiencing hair loss. 

A common side effect of catching COVID-19 has been common and even the Canadian rapper, Drake has experienced the symptom as a result of COVID. 

Summary – Celebrity Hair Loss 

Hair loss is a problem that affects many people from all backgrounds and all types of socio-economic classes. If you’re worried about hair loss, please get in touch with us today. At Custom Hair Tampa Bay, our hair loss specialists would love to help find a solution for your hair loss. Click here to schedule a free consultation.

Photo Credit: TreptowerAlex Via Pixabay