Great Haircuts and Styles for Men with Thinning Hair

Thinning hair

Thinning hairWhile the clean-shaven look is popular among balding men, there are plenty of attractive haircut options for men with thinning hair. A modern cut, combined with a few styling products, can help a man with any amount of hair look handsome.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is the ideal option for a low-maintenance man who doesn’t want to style his hair every morning. A quarter-inch crop won’t draw attention to thinning or bald areas, and doesn’t require constant shaving to look good. This style works for any type of hair loss, and men including Jason Statham and Bruce Willis have all sported it.

Graduated Layers

Hugh Laurie is the master of this haircut, which minimizes the appearance of a thinning crown, diffuse thinning and receding hairline. The trick is to keep the cut between 1-2 inches long, encourage slightly messy layers and skip a part. After washing their hair, men should apply some mousse and dry their hair with a hair dryer while tousling their locks. Then, they can use a bit of hair paste to give their locks some extra texture and hold.


Plenty of men in their twenties rock this cut that’s short on the sides and long on top, but men with diffuse hair loss or thinning hair on the crown should also try it. Both Brad Pitt and David Beckham have worn this popular haircut, and there’s a variation for every face shape. Men can comb the top straight back to hide the crown, and keep the hair in place using a styling cream/gel.

Caesar Cut

George Clooney’s go-to cut can easily conceal a receding hairline and minimal crown thinning. To avoid emphasizing thinning hair, men should keep the length short. To style, then men should apply a pomade or mousse and then push the hair forward.

High and Tight

This cut is favored by military members, but celebs such as Ryan Reynolds also favor this cut that conceals thinning at the crown or general thinning. When getting the cut, men should keep the back short to de-emphasize thinning at the crown. To style, they should use a hairdryer to create volume on top, and then use a styling pomade on the tips of the hair to hold it in place.

There’s plenty of stylish options available for balding men, but men should be prepared to change their style to accommodate hair thinning as it progresses. The worst styling mistake is to think that a comb-over will conceal hair loss. Of course, men who miss their hair can investigate hair restoration options, which may improve hair density or delay baldness.

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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore Via Flickr Creative Commons