How Did These Female Celebrities Cope with Hair Loss?


celebritiesHair loss can affect anyone at any point in time when least expected and its physical effects can be alarming. According to Harvard University, up to one-third of women face hair loss at one point in their lives. The condition can take a toll on the self-image of the sufferer, which causes great distress. Here are some female celebrities who have proven it possible to cope with hair loss and emerging more confident than ever before.

Kiera Knightley

The actress who starred in Love Actually and Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean faced hair loss as a result of frequent hair dye practices in suiting various roles. Hair dye may contain chemicals such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, which are known to speed up telogen (the resting stage where hair follicles are released) hair loss. Knightley depended on realistic wigs for five years while she was in the process of regrowing her luscious brown tresses.

Naomi Campbell

Being a supermodel, Naomi Campbell often relied on a variety of hair extensions throughout her illustrious career. This eventually caused a type of balding known as central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia, which usually starts from the crown of the head. Campbell’s condition was a form of traction alopecia, usually a result of the consistent pressure extensions exert on the hair roots, which eventually lead to long-term damage and weakened follicles. Natural hair regrowth is usually possible in moderate cases (taking 3 months up to a year) while hair transplants may be required if the extensions have done permanent damage to the roots.

Campbell received her hair transplant in 2016 and practices improved hair care techniques to keep her follicles strong and healthy.

Ella Shaw

The Britain’s Got Talent singer suffered from alopecia areata at the age of 10. The autoimmune disorder is known to affect roughly 6.8 million people in America and causes unpredictable hair loss. Fortunately for Shaw, she naturally recovered after three years. The singer once held a concert to raise awareness and donation for Alopecia UK to aid others with the condition.

The most important thing that sufferers should note is that hair loss is highly treatable and there are various professional therapies, products and care available and they’re not just for celebrities. At Custom Hair Tampa Bay, our custom women’s hair replacement solutions studio is specifically designed to satisfy the distinctive challenges of women’s hair loss no matter what caused it. To schedule a free consultation click here.



Photo Credit: sohrob Via Pixabay