Like Father, Like Son? Dads and Male Pattern Baldness

From telling epic dad jokes to manning the grill at every family gathering, it’s hard to believe we only have one day each year to honor fathers. With Father’s Day right around the corner, you might be dropping hints to your spouse and kids about what you truly want. If you are one of the many dads experiencing hair loss, skip the baseball cap this year and explore more permanent options.

What Causes Male Pattern Baldness?

According to studies, around half of all men over 50 experience male pattern baldness to varying degrees. This specific hair loss pattern, occurring on the top of the head, probably involves three distinct factors: genetics, aging, and hormones. Despite the old saying “like father, like son,” you are more likely to experience male pattern baldness if there is a history of baldness on your maternal side of the family. No one knows precisely why this is the case, but looking to your mother’s male relatives can help predict if and when you will experience the same hair loss.

How Can I Tell if I Have Male Pattern Baldness?

Although you can start losing your hair long before becoming a father or grandfather, you are most likely to notice the symptoms as you age. At first, the signs will be subtle. You may begin to notice that your hairline is receding, a single bald spot is forming, or your hair is becoming noticeably thinner around the temples. In most cases, the hair loss will progress to a classic male pattern baldness “M” shape. 

What Options Are Available for Dads Experiencing Hair Loss?

The good news is that male pattern baldness does not affect your health, and there is no medical reason to treat it. Some dads embrace their baldness as they age, while others find that it makes them self-conscious. These situations may prevent you from doing things you love, such as swimming or going outdoors on windy days. This is because many dads opt to disguise their baldness by wearing hats. The simple solution does provide some temporary relief. However, it doesn’t offer the freedom of other hair loss treatments. There are more permanent options, such as toupees, oral medications, topical treatments, and hair plugs. 

If you’re a dad experiencing hair loss, Custom Hair can help you determine which option is best for you. To schedule a free consultation, click here.

Photo Credit: melindarmacaronikidcom Via Pixabay