Get The Hairstyle You Want: The Top Ten Fall Hairstyles for Men in 2018


hairstyleFall is on the way, and with a new season comes new styles. Changing up your hairstyle for the new season can give you a real confidence boost, but what’s in trend for Fall 2018? Here are ten of our favorite men’s hairstyles that are sure to turn heads this fall.

The Undercut

Short hair is always in fashion, so our first few favorites focus on how to make your short locks interesting. The undercut is a classic that’s making a comeback; shaved lower down with longer hair on top for sharp, attention grabbing contrast.

Low Fade

A fade hairstyle focuses on the hair being very short around the ears or temples and gradually getting longer closer to the crown. It’s up to you how long you keep it up top!

High Fade

For a more dramatic fade, keep the longer hair right on the very top of your head and everything below extremely short. This style requires an experienced barber, to ensure the hair graduation is even.

Mid Fade

Not sure whether to go low or high with your fade? Try out the mid fade, combining the drama of the high fade with the flexibility of the low fade.

The Side Parting

Another classic that’s enjoying a resurgence, the side parting can be anything from subtle to startling, depending on hair length and style.

The French Crop

For longer hair on top, the French crop is a deliberately messy style that gives off a sense of playfulness. Combining a fringe with short sides, this is a great, textured style for Fall 2018.

The Bro Flow

Go for the Sam Winchester style with hair that stops just above the shoulders, for a wavy yet smart look. This style combines ruggedness with sophistication and suits office life or the great outdoors.

The Quiff

This teddy-boy classic is making yet another comeback. Shorter hair at the bottom is topped with a bulge of hair right above the forehead that sweeps backwards. This dramatic style is guaranteed to be eye-catching.

The Comb-Over

No, it’s not just for older men anymore! For longer hair, the comb-over combines the side-parting with a sweeping style that can be anything from super smart to stylishly windswept.


Long hair for men is making a real comeback this season. Whether your locks are straight or curly, tying the top half into a pony tail or bun keeps it out of your face, and smart for the office. Plus, you’re showing off your facial features to the greatest effect!

How will you be wearing your hair in Fall 2018? Guys, if hair loss is holding you back from getting the hairstyle you want, Custom Hair Tampa Bay can help. To schedule a free consultation at one of our three locations click here.



Photo Credit: TwinkleArora1989 Via Pixabay