Ending Low Self-Esteem Due to Hair Loss in 2017

Sadly, hair loss is something that lot’s of women face in the course of their lifetime. In truth, female pattern baldness impacts nearly 40% of all women in America. This may lead to low self-esteem and confidence, an unfortunate side effect of hair loss.

My Experience With Hair Loss

For me, hair loss was caused by stress. Moving, a break up and family problems had been causing me to lose sleep and, even worse, my hair. I began to notice it when I washed my hair. The average woman can lose between fifty to one hundred hairs per day, however my hair loss became greater than normal. Before I knew it, my hair was beginning to look thin in places it had never looked thin, and my confidence became dashed.

Happily, my life stresses have calmed considerably. Between that, combined with customized treatment and meticulous planning, my hair loss decreased. However I understand the pain and loss of self-worth people experience when their hair is affected.

Hair Loss in women

To fight your hair loss and bring back your self-esteem, it’s vital to identify the type of hair loss you are experiencing. Hair loss, like mine, occurs because of life changes or modifications. The following can affect your hair:

Anxiety and stress

Becoming pregnant

Birth control

There are medical conditions that may also cause female hair loss, such as alopecia or side effects from prescriptions.

Make the resolution to stay positive and centered on your self during the New Year. Although you can sometimes feel your confidence wither remind your self that you are strong, beautiful and more than capable. Staying positive will take you far and keep up your self-confidence.

You could also visit a hair loss studio in 2017. Meeting with hair-loss professionals can be the first step in finding what’s causing your hair loss and determine a course of action.

In the New Year make a new start. Focus on you and start building the path to self-confidence and high self-esteem. You are really worth it!

At Custom Hair Tampa Bay we want to help you discover your best you in 2017. We offer women customizable hair replacement solutions that are suited for each individual’s wants and needs. We understand a woman’s desire to have her luscious locks back. To contact one of our hair replacement studios click here.


Photo Credit: ShaktiShiva Via Pixabay