Effects of Summertime Humidity on Your Hair


humiditySummer brings sunshine and a warm glow with it. However, it also brings high humidity that wreaks havoc on your hair, making it unmanageable.

Effects of Humidity on Hair

In summer, your hair may not look good in its natural style or even when left straight. It may look dry, limp, fizzy or puffy, depending on its texture.

If you have straight hair, it becomes wavy. If you have curly hair, it turns frizzy or curlier. The bottom line is that humidity can throw a wrench in any hairstyling plans you have, regardless of whether you have straight or curly hair.

Why Does Humidity Affect Hair?

Human hair is very sensitive to humidity. Its length changes according to the amount of moisture in the air. Hair consists largely of bundles of keratin proteins, which form disulfide and hydrogen bonds. The permanent disulfide bonds, responsible for hair’s strength, are not affected by humidity.

However, the temporary hydrogen bonds disintegrate and reform every time your hair becomes wet and dry again. On humid days, your hair absorbs the moisture in the air and affects hydrogen bonds. This is why you have difficulty styling it on such days.

While your hair may have a different response to moisture from others’ hair, even various strands of your own hair may react variably. This is because the proteins in all areas are not uniform and absorb water differently. Such uneven absorption may further affect your hair.

Protecting Your Hair from Humidity

High humidity can be harsh on hair and tough on its care. However, you can protect your hair in the following ways:

Keep your hair in good condition. Don’t over-wash or over-style it.

Avoid frequent exposure to direct sunlight.

When you go out, tuck your hair away from the harsh weather as much as possible.

Sport a protective hairstyle, such as a bun.

Refrain from frequent shampooing so that you don’t strip it of natural oils.

Wash your hair in plain water.

When you need to shampoo, use a sulfate-free, salt-free volumizing one.

Dry your hair well by blow-drying it from top down using the cool air setting on your dryer.

Deeply condition your hair with a leave-in conditioner that helps coat it with moisture.

Style your hair with serums or sprays that have water-repelling polymers to envelop and protect it.

This will also hold your desired texture in place.

Be careful not to apply too much hair product.

Don’t touch your hair frequently as your hands can spread moisture.

If your struggle with hair during humid summer days seems tough and never-ending, seek professional help.

Humid summer days may cause hair problems, but good advice and a little care can help you overcome them. At Custom Hair, we can give you expert advice on hair care and hair loss. To schedule a free consultation at one of our three locations click here.



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