Do Hair Colors Have Levels of Attraction?

hair colors

hair colorsWhen it comes to hair colors, general society is gripped with prejudice. Terms such as “fiery redhead” and “dumb blonde” are used to describe major character traits, yet anyone with any common sense would know that the color of a person’s hair is not representative of their personality.

But when it comes to physical attraction, the role of hair color isn’t quite as straightforward. Recent psychological research has discovered that people with certain hair colors have more romantic opportunities than others.

Research Suggests Hair Color Is Related to Sexual Appeal

A study at the Université de Bretagne-Sud in France concluded that blonde women receive more courtship advances than other women. Conversely, men with ginger or red hair received the most courtship rejections.

So, what is happening here? Nicolas Guéguen is the author of the research report, and he thinks the fact that around 90 percent of people in the world have dark hair has something to do with this phenomenon.

Is this why many women dye their hair or tint it with less-common shades? Are they trying to stand out from the crowd to attract the attention of potential mates? One thing seems certain, however: Blondes really do have more fun!

A range of different research projects have concluded that blonde women are looked upon more favorably by men than women with other hair colors. For example, blonde door-to-door fundraisers raised more money than their dark-haired counterparts. Another study revealed that blonde waitresses made more in tips than their brunette colleagues.

But Here’s the Bad News

But it’s not all good news for blonde bombshells. Another study in the U.K. revealed that blonde women were significantly underrepresented on the boards of major corporations. It seems there is an almost subliminal presumption that blondes are incompetent yet likeable.

So, it would appear that blondes really do have more fun when it comes to the opposite sex — but only where women are concerned. A study by a leading dating website revealed that women actually prefer brown-haired guys. Perhaps this is why so many ladies like their men “tall, dark and handsome.”

Perhaps the biggest mystery to come out of all this pertains to redheads. Why do men and women with red hair find it more difficult to attract the attention of the desired sex? One theory relates to the presence of freckles, which are subconsciously linked to a relatively high possibility of skin cancer.

Another theory suggests that the lack of genetic mixing in a redhead’s ancestry could be to blame. Research has shown that humans find diversity in genetics attractive, so maybe this is why redheads often draw the short straw when it comes to romance.

Real beauty lies within, as they say. However, there’s no escaping the fact that human beings have some serious prejudices when it comes to hair color and the laws of attraction.

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Photo Credit: Pexels Via Pixabay