Cowlick: Is It a Sign of Early Balding?


Certain changes in your hairline, such as shedding or hair conditions like cowlicks, can make you believe you are about to go bald. Luckily, with cowlicks, that’s rarely the case. If a section of your hair sticks out above the rest, you’re dealing with a cowlick. Though it’s harmless, it can be a major cause of concern.

What Is a Cowlick?

A cowlick is a small section of the hair that is different from the pattern of the rest. Caused by genetics, hair cowlicks are mostly located at the crown of the head, near the sides, and in the middle of the hairline. Beyond these, you can find them near the temples and in men’s beards.

Because cowlicks grow straight up, out or at an angle, they can significantly boost your hair. While they can be annoying, they are not bad after all. Cowlicks can appear as balding, but they are not a sign one is about to go bald. You can have cowlicks and a full head of hair at the same time.

What Causes Cowlicks

Unlike balding, cowlicks normally develop as soon as a child is born. According to experts, cowlicks occur when one is still in their mother’s womb. While the fetus is developing, hair follicles grow in an opposite slant direction, causing cowlicks.

So, if your hair has always gone the opposite direction, it’s not balding. But if the change is more recent, you have every reason to worry. Compared to a cowlick, balding is the total loss of hair in specific parts of the head.

How to Fix Cowlicks

Like balding, a cowlick can be very frustrating. Though you can’t get rid of it, you can definitely style them around it. Here are some ways to hide cowlicks.

Grow Your Hair Out

One of the easiest ways to cover cowlicks is to grow your hair out. Because longer hair is solid, it will help hold the cowlick in place.

Blow Dry

Even though you can’t alter the direction your hair grows, you can blow dry it and make it fall differently. When it comes to hiding your cowlicks, blow-drying your hair can be quite helpful.

Change the Hairstyle

If the above doesn’t work, maybe it’s time to change your hairstyle. From buzz cuts to shaggy hair, you can talk to your stylist about the best style to hide your cowlick.

Bottom Line

As a section of hair that grows longer than the rest, a cowlick is caused by genetics and is completely harmless. You can’t eliminate it, but you can use water and heat to tame it in your preferred direction. You can also ask your stylist to come up with the best solution. If you are dealing with hair loss, contact Custom Hair today and please click here.

Photo Credit: ITECHirfan Via Pixabay