Celebrity Cheyenne Jackson Opens Up About His Hair Loss

hair loss

hair lossPeople lose about 50 to 100 strands of hair every day, but you do not notice because there is new hair growth at the same time. There are several reasons why your hair could be falling out. For example, it could be hereditary and runs in your family, side effects of some medication and treatments, stressful or traumatic events, excessive hair treatments, and styling. It could happen gradually and start thinning at the top or patches across your scalp. Either way, hair loss can be quite traumatic. Some people opt to let it run its course while others choose to hide it through makeup, headgear, or hairstyles.

Anyone Can Experience Hair Loss

Normalizing it and understanding that it could happen to anyone also helps reduce the shame that comes with it. For example, Cheyenne Jackson’s admission to experiencing it and following up with multiple hair transplants works well to normalize and give a voice to people that are undergoing hair loss in secret. When you think of celebrities, you think of flawless people with amazing teeth, flowing hair, clear skin, and successful careers, which makes Cheyenne Jackson’s story a compelling one because it shows that anyone can experience hair loss. Following his story, many other celebrities have come out to show their support and share their stories about hair loss and measures they had taken to keep it a secret from the world.

There Are Numerous Forms of Treatment

There are numerous ways to reduce chances of hair loss, including, for example, staying away from harsh hair treatments such as hot-oil treatments and hot rollers and reducing tension on your hair from styles such as braids. Discussing the medication side effects with your doctor, and maintaining a healthy diet will also help you avoid losing your hair.

However, if you do experience persistent hair loss or notice patchy bald spots, please consult your doctor because it can signal an underlying condition that requires treatment. Additionally, with the current advancement in medicine and technology, different forms of early treatment can help avoid permanent baldness and transplants that can help if you have already experienced significant hair loss.


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Photo Credit: MaxWdhs Via Pixabay