How to Celebrate the New Year with 2021 Hair


Just about everyone is looking forward to 2021 and a time to celebrate all things new. After a difficult 2020 thoughts are changing to welcome better times and opportunities to do things differently. Here’s how you can celebrate the new year with a 2021 hair style.

Relaxation is in Vogue

Working from home and lockdowns have seen trends emerge with relaxed hair styles which will continue into 2021. Think shag cuts, cropped hair, and styles swept into a chignon. Relaxation in style will see some chic cuts with a chill out feel.

Keep it Simple

In 2021 more styles will feature simple easy to maintain cuts. Bob cuts, layers and tapered styles that are easy to maintain, add volume and are low maintenance will feature as people look to simplify their lives.Longer hair can be fixed with a band or swept into a French plait. Hair that requires the least amount of maintenance will be popular in 2021.

Go Natural

During the COVID-19 lockdown people had limited access to hair color and stylists. As more people worked from home and parties stopped, they discovered their natural hair color. In 2021 there will be more people maximizing the natural colors they have, perhaps adding a highlight but using less colorant. Expect more grey, lighter tones of brown, and sun-bleached hair colors in styling.

Max Out Accessories

One of the most common accessories seen in 2020 has been the face mask. It is likely that mask wearing will continue for some time to come so why not use your hair style to create a fashionable look? Match a mask to your hair band or scrunchie. Fringes also look good with masks and create interest in your face.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has seen some challenging times, it has also seen creativity which will continue into 2021. Think simple and you’ll have the components for an on-trend style in the new year.

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Photo Credit: anncapictures Via Pixabay