Can Weight Loss Kill Your Confidence by Causing Hair Loss?

weight loss

weight lossA well-balanced diet and consistently working out will always be good for you, but extreme weight loss behavior is not good for you. Extreme weight loss gimmicks may drop pounds quickly, but they may also cause your hair to fall out. So, if you want to keep a healthy, full head of hair and get in shape, keep away from these hair-stressing missteps:

Excessive Exercising

Strenuous exercising can cause your body to go into chronic stress mode, in turn causing hair loss. Stress is one of the two predominant causes of telogen effluvium hair loss, that is when your hair enters into the dormant phase of the hair growth cycle faster than normal.

It’s been proven that females are more likely to lose hair when over exercising because it can lessen their levels of estrogen. Researchers also believe that women are more sensitive to the abrupt hormone adjustments and rises in testosterone caused by excessive exercising.

Males can also be affected by excessive exercising, particularly if they choose lifting weights over cardio exercises. Weightlifting can raise testosterone levels and accelerate hair loss as a result of genetics or androgenetic alopecia. To avoid the testosterone boost, women and men need to balance weightlifting with cardiovascular exercises.

Cutting Calories

Low calorie diets are often too low in essential vitamins and minerals which could cause hair loss. Blood which is lacking in iron, or anemia, can result in excess shedding and trigger other health conditions which cause hair loss. The extreme cutting of calories can cause a stress reaction that results in falling strands.

The Yo-Yo Diet

Most of us are aware that yo-yo dieting leads to poor health, however did you realize it also wreaks havoc on your scalp? A yo-yo diet plan can push extra hair follicles into the dormant, shedding phase and lead to extensive hair loss. Also, when you crash diet to drop pounds, your body stops your hair from growing to preserve calories and energy.

To protect your hair throughout your efforts to lose weight, exercise moderately and eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. The hair loss that unhealthy techniques, like extreme exercising and dieting, trigger can take a long time to reverse.

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