Breast Cancer Awareness and How Wigs Can Be Beneficial

breast cancer

breast cancerOctober is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” a national campaign that aims to highlight all aspects of ongoing research. The ultimate goal is to increase awareness surrounding the cause, diagnosis process, treatment, and prevention of breast cancer.

Considering approximately 1 in 8 American women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime, it is critical that we openly discuss this invasive disease. By helping women understand what they can expect after a diagnosis, they can better prepare for the journey ahead.

The Link Between Breast Cancer and Hair Loss

Although breast cancer impacts many aspects of a woman’s life, many women struggle with the impact of hair loss. This occurs because of the treatment methods currently available — particularly chemotherapy. Since this treatment targets rapidly dividing cells, both cancer cells and healthy cells (including those in your hair follicles) are affected.

Please note: Not all forms of drugs or chemotherapy will make your hair fall out. The amount of hair you lose will depend on the treatment you receive and the dose.

The Benefits Associated with Wigs

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and have not yet started treatment, it is recommended that you discuss the possibility of hair loss with your doctor. They can provide you with tips on how to properly care for your scalp and will often recommend wearing a wig.

In most cases, the hair loss caused by chemotherapy is temporary. Once your treatment ends, your hair will typically begin to grow back. The same is true regarding radiotherapy. In the meantime, wigs can help you restore your self-confidence, as you continue to recover.

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For many cancer survivors, they admit that for them, their hair loss isn’t just about how they appear physically. Although this does play a role, many women say that hair loss is more of an outward manifestation — a reminder of what they have and continue to go through.

Wigs offer a solution in terms of an effective coping mechanism. By addressing the psychological effects of hair loss, women can better focus on what really matters — healing.

By understanding your options prior to treatment, you can better address your physiological and psychological wellbeing. Whether you opt for a custom human hair wig or a high-quality synthetic hair wig, you will achieve a natural, stylish look.

If you are currently going through this difficult time in your life, remain strong and optimistic. After all, Joe Wasser, an inspiring cancer survivor said it best, “Cancer is only going to be a chapter in your life, not the whole story.”

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