Best Spring Hairstyles for 2019


springWinter has passed. Your struggles with cooler temperatures and bad hair days are over. You are now free of dull and brittle hair. After hiding your hair under beanies or headgear for so long, it is time to let it out. You can even change your hairstyle as spring rolls around. The following are a few spring hairstyles expected to trend this season.

Slick, Smooth and Shiny

One of the main trends this year is healthy, shiny glossy hair. It’s basically the opposite of what you have had to contend with all winter.

The slicked-back look was popular at the spring 2019 runways in New York, Milan, London, and Paris. So probably the one hairstyling product you should buy is hair gel – to slick your hair back into a neat ponytail, braid or bun.

With Accessories

Statement accessories have been popular for some time now, and they continue to be so in spring 2019. Recently accessories from the 1990s, such as claw clips, have made a comeback. Large snap clips, headbands, Alice bands, bobby pins, scarves and ribbons are all in this spring.

Natural flowers are also currently in vogue. You can even combine the two—secure your favorite flowers with a clip or pin that matches your hair color. Two to four flowers are ideal, as less is more.

Volume—Curls, Waves, and Extensions

Lack of hair volume has always been a common concern for women. They often try shampoos that add volume. This need for thicker hair has given rise to the trend of extreme volume. Voluminous hair was popular at many spring 2019 runways.

Airy, bouncy, mussed and natural curls; and tousled, hat-head, loose waves—all these seemed to be a nod to the 1980s-like Bohemian and undone look.

Spring 2019 runways saw long, colorful hair extensions being used to give the voluminous look to not only loose hair but also ponytails and buns.


Although short hair has been trending since last year, the female empowerment movement has made it more popular. It also can be fun, sexy and versatile. Consult your stylist as to what style suits the shape of your face and go for it. Don’t let your hair weigh you down.

However, if you can’t bear to part with your tresses, get your dry ends cut blunt, and leave your hair full, healthy, and loose. This will give it a fresh and modern look.

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Photo Credit: FotografieLink Via Pixabay



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