Best Celebrity Hairstyles for 2019


hairstylesCelebrity hairstyles can be a serve as an excellent guide for what looks great on the rest of us. They often have the resources and staff to make sure their hair looks flawless at all times. The rest of us can achieve similar looks this year with the right stylist, care, and products. Keeping this in mind, here are some celebrities who always seem to capture attention with their great hair.

Ben Affleck

Ben has kept a relatively similar trademark hairstyle over the years. His hair has generally been short on the sides and around the back with a larger crop of hair slicked back at the top. All of his most well-known films feature this same hairstyle, and the reason he keeps it is because it compliments his facial features well. This style is a model of consistency and looks great on most men for the upcoming year regardless of age.

Jason Momoa

Jason has gained a great amount of fame thanks to the recent success of Aquaman. His long hair makes a sharp contrast to the more traditional male styles that have been discussed. He also seems to have an uncanny ability to make this style seem both unkempt but neat at the same time. Longer hairstyles can work great on men who have the time and patience to maintain them.

Heidi Klum

Known for starting her career as a model and then gaining more fame with Project Runway, Heidi has made a living by looking flawless. Her hair is no exception. She has long, flowing golden locks that seem to take perfectly to a number of different styles.  Most times her hair is either tied back or down to her shoulders. This type of look will work best for women who have versatile hair and are used to making consistent changes without compromising their appeal.

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Photo Credit: RoyalAnwar Via Pixabay