Baby Blues and Postpartum Hair Loss: Why Is My Hair Falling Out?

postpartum hair loss

postpartum hair lossFrom stretch marks to bizarre food cravings, the side effects of pregnancy are well-known and discussed regularly. After you welcome your new bundle of joy, you certainly anticipate the sleepless nights, shedding the baby weight and the hormonal roller-coaster known as the baby blues. No one, however, warns you about the less common struggles of the postpartum hair loss. A large number of new moms, in particular, find themselves in a panic when they begin to notice that their once luxurious locks are suddenly falling out. While undoubtedly frightening, this phenomenon is completely normal in the months after giving birth.

So why does this happen? Although you may chalk it up to stress or exhaustion, those pesky hormones are the biggest culprit. Throughout pregnancy and the postpartum time period, a woman’s body goes through a number of hormonal changes to accommodate their ever-changing bodies. Prior to pregnancy, hair shedding is actually quite common, although it mostly goes unnoticed (unless you think of all of the hair that accumulates in your hair brushes). This is because only 85 percent to 95 percent of your hair is actually in an active stage of growing. The remaining percentage is in a state of rest and, once this phase is completed, the hair falls out.

During pregnancy, the increased levels of estrogen in the body allows more of the hair to remain in an active growing phase. This means that less of your hair is shedding throughout pregnancy, which often leads to thicker, healthier looking hair. After you give birth, these estrogen levels sink rapidly, causing more of your hair follicles than usual to enter a resting phase. This same rapid change in hormones is also responsible for a number of other side effects like the production of breast milk and those undeniable baby blues.

Despite the initial shock of your postpartum hair loss, it is important to remember that it is temporary and may not affect everyone. Although you cannot avoid the inevitable postpartum hair loss if it is occurring, it is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a new hairdo or to experiment with wigs that fit your lifestyle. In either case, as your hormones settle, the shedding, like those sleepless nights, will eventually subside and your hair will return to its pre-pregnancy glory.

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Photo Credit: DanEvans Via Pixabay