Alopecia Is More Common Than You May Think


alopeciaThose that suffer from alopecia often feel as though they are completely alone.

The truth is, this autoimmune condition is actually quite common. As stated by the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, approximately 6.8 million Americans are affected by this condition. It can happen to anyone — even those who are in the limelight.

Jada Pinkett’s Recent Battle with Alopecia

A well-known American actress, songwriter, dancer and businesswoman, Jada Pinkett Smith recently shared her experiences with hair loss. After receiving a lot of questions about the fashionable turbans she has been wearing recently, she decided that she would openly discuss the moment she realized her hair was falling out.

Although Jada has experienced hair loss on her head, this condition can also affect the hair on one’s face and body. Since doctors cannot tell her why this is happening, she decided to inspire others to talk about their struggles. After all, Jada admitted that her hair was a massive part of her identity for many years.

It took her a while to accept that she was losing her hair but has since begun viewing her situation from a more “spiritual perspective.” She has now found a new level of confidence in her look, as well as in herself.

Alopecia Can Happen to Anyone

When people like Jada come forward, this brave action has a rippling effect — one that is incredibly positive. Being able to reach millions of Americans suffering from this condition, it encourages the act of conversation. In turn, those living with alopecia feel as though they are supported by a community of people who care.

As those impacted realize that they’re not alone, they gain a new level of insight. The type of insight that allows them to restore their confidence and continue the cycle, helping someone else who is going through a similar experience.

Whether you are living with alopecia or would like to assist a loved one, it’s important to make your voice heard. Open up the conversation so that those with alopecia feel comfortable and beautiful, just as they should.

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Photo Credit: Free-Photos/9114 images Via Pixabay