5 Ways to Make the Most Out of No-Shave November

no-shave november

no-shave novemberNo-Shave November is the time when people stop shaving during the month of November to raise awareness about cancer. Participants donate the money they would have spent on hair maintenance and removal to the cause. However, there are other ways to participate in No-Shave November that are educational or pure fun.

  1. Drink a Beard Beer

Rogue Beard Beer is brewed from yeast cultivated from beard hair, making it the unofficial brew to enjoy while growing your hair out during No-Shave November. Despite its funky origins, the beer seems to have a following across the United States. You can find it online or in many national liquor stores.

  1. Join the American Mustache Institute

People around the world love mustaches. Join the American Mustache Institute, an online organization that aims to fight mustache discrimination by promoting mustache growth, care and culture. You can submit a picture of your mustache to their Mustache Hall of Fame to forever commemorate the achievements of this year’s No-Shave November.

  1. Encourage Female Participation

Many No-Shave November participants are male, since it is more obvious when men don’t shave their face. It’s important to note that women can participate too by not shaving their legs. They can donate the money they saved from not paying for razors or expensive waxing appointments.

  1. Ask Employers to Match Contribution

Large corporations often offer employee match programs for charities. Ask your employer if they would consider matching donations for No-Shave November. This might encourage some additional participation and dress code leniency at work.

  1. Take a Photo a Day

Some people take a selfie every day to watch themselves age or track weight loss progress. Instead, take a photo a day to see how fast your hair grows now that you’re not shaving it. Post these photos daily on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to increase awareness of No-Shave November and engage with other participants using the hashtag #noshavenovember.

Each year, more participants join the No-Shave November movement because it’s a fun and engaging way to raise cancer awareness. Whether you participate with friends or at work, know you’re helping with something important.

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Photo Credit: StockSnap Via Pixabay