5 Post-COVID Summer Hairstyles for Men Losing Their Hair

summer hairstyles

summer hairstylesAs hair salons roll up the blinds and open their doors again, men are emerging from lockdown in dire need of a cut and style. For men who are losing their hair, the first post-COVID haircut could be the most important one of their lives. Here are five of the best summer hairstyles in 2020:

#1. The Slick Back

This simple, classic hairstyle for men will certainly turn heads. Contrary to popular belief, the “slick back” doesn’t highlight a receding hairline at all. In fact, it frames the face and could make male pattern baldness less noticeable. Try this style with a fade on the sides to make your hair on-top look thicker.

#2. Short-Back-and-Sides With Bangs

Bangs are back in fashion for men this summer, and they can be a great way to conceal a receding hairline. A short-back-and-sides style will make the top of your hair look thicker too.

#3. Razor Shave

The all-time masculine look. While a full shave can emphasize balding, a razor shave is far more flattering. This style looks sharp and clean, and it’s great for patchy hair.

#4. Any Short Hairstyle

Any short hairstyle diminishes the appearance of balding, according to one hairstylist. This is because short styles add “lift” to the hair, so it seems like you have more. Some people think that cutting hair will make baldness more prominent, but this isn’t the case. Hair nearest to the roots tends to be thicker, so short styles create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair overall.

#5. Side Parting

If you’re losing hair on one side of your head, a slick side parting could hide balding. Just like with all the styles on this list, get a professional to do this for you. Otherwise, you could make balding hair look more noticeable!

If you’ve spent weeks in lockdown, you might think that a quick buzz-cut will solve all your problems. However, men who are losing their hair should choose a more flattering style this summer. Pick one of the men’s hairstyles above and create your best summer look ever.

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Photo Credit: Free-Photos Via Pixabay