5 Hot Hair Trends for Summer 2018

Summer is just days away, so it’s alright to start thinking about the hairstyles you’ll be sporting during the warmest months of the year. Of course, you want to look great while staying true to your personality. But it’s also important to think practically — particularly if you’re going to be spending time in pools, on beaches and in hot climates.

To give you a little inspiration, here are four hot hair trends that you’ll probably see a lot of this summer.

  1. Ice Blonde

Think Kim Kardashian, and you’ll probably create an accurate picture in your mind about what the Ice Blonde look is all about. Silvery white with black roots, this hairstyle is straight with a center parting. It looks great with white pants and T-shirts, and it exudes an air of confidence that is difficult to match.

  1. Millennial Pink

No one knew what millennial pink was just a couple of years ago — but it’s everywhere now. Soft and sometimes slightly metallic, this striking shade has been made popular thanks to its popularity among celebrities, one of whom is Kylie Jenner. The great thing about it is that it contrasts beautifully with every skin shade, and it’s also suited to the low-maintenance hairstyles people love during the summer months.

  1. Baby Blue

Thanks to the soaring popularity of millennial pink, baby blue hair is expected to make a big comeback in 2018. Just like its pink counterpart, this particular shade works with just about any hairstyle or skin shade. And there’s no better way to merge with the blue skies and oceans during the hot days of summer.

  1. Surprise Rainbows

While you’re probably hoping for lots of sun this summer, Mother Nature always has a few surprises in store when it comes to the weather. And thanks to surprise rainbow hairstyles, you can spring a few surprises of your own. While the outer layer of your hair stays neutral, an avalanche of color lurks just below the surface. Blues, reds, pinks and greens can be hidden for work, then unleashed with an updo at night.

  1. Rose Gold and Flowers

Bright and brash colors are out this summer — while pastels and subtlety are in. Thanks to the popularity of the latest iPhones, rose gold is now a trending hair color. Rose gold hair with black roots deliver a stunning summer look when pulled back with a tiara of flowers… perfect for the beach.

While these five hair trends are expected to be very popular this summer, individuality and positivity are most definitely the watch words. Custom Hair Tampa Bay, has the largest In-Stock selection of human hair and synthetic wigs in Central Florida. You can choose from hundreds of styles and colors. To schedule a free consultation at one of our three locations click here.



Photo Credit: StockSnap 27686 Via Pixabay