4 Holiday Hair Hacks that Won’t Break Your Budget

hair hacks

hair hacksWith the Holidays upon us, it’s time to dress up, look nice and have a blast. But being on a Holiday spending budget can put a damper on your beauty routines. Here are a few hair hacks and tips you may try from home that will leave you with gorgeous hair this Holiday Season!

Have you ever considered using honey for added hair shine? Simply mix a cup of your ordinary conditioner with a few tablespoons of honey. Apply the mixture throughout your wet hair, and then leave it to set for about half an hour. The mixture closes your hair cuticle, causing a brilliant shine. Be sure to rinse it out thoroughly.

Another way to get your hair silky smooth is to apply coconut oil every day. This natural oil has astounding elements that supply your hair, pores and skin a wholesome, stunning glow. You can add it to your morning conditioning routine or apply at nighttime.

In place of going to the salon to get a Hair Spa, do your own at home. Baking soda therapy is a cheap option and you most likely have it in your cupboards. Create a mixture of three tablespoons of baking soda and water and let it sit in your hair after shampooing. Let it sit for 5 minutes while messaging your scalp. You will notice the difference!

Want to dye your hair but fearful of ruining your beautiful strands? Use raw coffee in order to avoid harsh chemical compounds which most in store brand hair dyes contain. Brew some strong coffee and pour it into a bowl. Use the finest coffee grind for a darker shade.

After washing your hair, dip your strands into the bowl or sink, combing it lightly to prevent tangles. For extra softness, you can combine your conditioner with the coffee. Take into account that the shade of color will vary based on your natural hair color.

These simple hair hacks are helpful to get you through the Holiday Season when your budget is tight. But if you’re suffering from hair loss you need professional help. At Custom Hair Tampa Bay we offer the finest in quality wigs and non-surgical hair replacement solutions. To schedule a free consultation click here.


Photo Credit: spadlamznieba Via Pixabay