4 Benefits of Washing Your Hair with Coconut Oil

coconut oil

coconut oilAlthough coconut oil has been used as a natural, sweet-smelling hair product for centuries in many countries around the world, it is still something of an unknown quantity in the West. Washing your hair with coconut oil has many benefits — here are four of the most exciting.

  1. Nutrition for Hair

Think of coconut oil as food for your hair. It is rich in natural antioxidants, which repair cell damage. Coconut oil is also a valuable source of vitamin K, vitamin E and iron — all of which play an important role in keeping hair looking healthy and growing consistently.

  1. Strengthens Hair

If you have hair that tends to break relatively easily, washing it with coconut oil regularly could alleviate the problem. The fatty acids in coconut oil work in conjunction with your hair’s natural proteins to make hair stronger and more resistant to breakage. It is the lauric acid in particular that gives your hair increased resistance to wear and tear.

  1. Moisturizes Hair

There is often a fine line between shiny hair and greasy hair — and getting the balance right is often difficult. If your hair is shiny, it is more likely to look healthy and clean, and few natural products add a healthy shine to hair like coconut oil does. The oils penetrate hair follicles with ease, conditioning from the outside. Not only does coconut oil make your hair soft and manageable, it protects your hair from heat and weather damage.

  1. Reduces Dandruff

Coconut oil is a natural antibiotic, which means it kills many of the bacteria that might be living on your scalp. If your dandruff is being caused by the presence of bacteria, you should see an improvement within a week or two of washing your hair with coconut oil for the first time. The moisturizing properties of coconut oil should also help to keep your scalp soft and supple — preventing the dryness that often leads to dandruff.

Coconut oil is Mother Nature’s shampoo; not only does it clean, it moisturizes and nourishes too.

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Photo Credit: greekfood-tamystika Via Pixabay