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Soft, bouncy, strong and appealing – the desire of every human hair wig owner! Unlike synthetic wigs, human hair wigs hardly melt or tangle. The color, texture and sheen of these wigs make many believe you’re wearing your hair. That’s why you’re probably considering it an investment and hope to wear it for a long time. Right? Combining and washing it may not be enough to give it a natural appearance.

The secret is in the maintenance!

How To Properly Maintain a Human Hair Wig

Note One: Avoid Frequent Washes

Just as getting your natural hair regularly wet leads to breakage, the same applies to human hair wigs. When constantly wet, the shaft swells and causes the more elastic parts to break easily. Frequent washes damage the wig by destroying its natural look and making it look dull and dry.

Therefore, instead of washing and combing it daily, why not do so after every eight wears? When washing, always remember to use lukewarm water instead of very hot or cold water. Also, treat the human hair wig gently during the wash.

Note Two: Invest in High-Quality Washing Products

You’ve already spent enough money placing an order on the human hair wig. Don’t let that investment be in vain. Instead of cutting corners to purchase cheap washing products, invest more and buy high-quality washing products. After all, not all washing products give similar results.

With the market flooding with all kinds of shampoos, conditioners and washing soaps, you’d want to be careful about what products you’ll bring home. That is because the wigs have specific conditioners and shampoos that you don’t want to mess with. You can consult your hair stylist for advice on the specific washing products for your wig.

Note Three: Don’t Overheat the Wig

This is the most common mistake people commit in the name of ‘maintaining my human hair wig.’ But that’s a big no! The wig will not last long if you keep heating and styling it daily. You could even give the hair some heat-free styling and see it outperform other human hair wigs.

When using a hair curler, straightening equipment or a hairdryer on your human hair, ensure it is at low heat settings. Also, avoid keeping the stylers near the roots of the human hair wig. That is because too much heat weakens the roots.

Step Four: Storage Is Equally Important

You’ve washed and styled it already. Only one thing remains; storage. Proper storage is part of the maintenance journey. Keep the wig away from heat, wet and moist places to avoid shortening the wig’s lifespan.

You can think about purchasing a wig head, shoebox or satin/silk bag to store your wig. Always remember to keep it clean and well combed/styled before storing it in your preferred storage place.

Why Maintenance Is Important

Here are the main reasons why you need to maintain your human hair wigs:

•    Regular maintenance softens dryness making the wig look all new and natural

•    Regular maintenance brings out the mobility and luster of the wig fibers

•    It makes your skin cells and natural hair grow even when covered with the wig

•    It helps you avoid the old and dingy look

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You can trim, restyle or dye your human hair wig according to the latest fashion trends and still uphold the bright appearance with proper maintenance. So, if you’re wondering how to achieve this, contact Custom Hair Tampa Bay today for more advice by clicking here.

Photo Credit: luxstorm Via Pixabay