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no shaveNovember brings several celebrations but one in particular is designed to support people and be fun. No Shave November is back but there’s a difference this year with fewer public events and social distancing. There’s no need to give up though as cancer charities need every dollar they can get. Here’s how to go no shave this November.

It’s Not Just Beards

November is famous for people growing beards and mustaches in November as part of the No Shave campaign. You can also take part by not cutting your hair or shaving your legs. Be creative and think of as many innovative ways of celebrating No Shave November as you can because it means there is a better chance of raising money for charity.

Participation with a Difference

No Shave November will be different this year. Usually people are in their offices collecting money for not shaving but the global pandemic changed all that. This year you need to adapt to raise awareness of your fundraising and have fun doing the challenge. Use a zoom meeting to feature everyone taking part in your workplace as well as a staff newsletter for those working from home. You can post updates on social media pages and encourage people to retweet or share to attract attention. Creating a short video of participants will also attract attention on social media. Try to think of unusual ways to go no shave as it may attract local press who can increase the publicity.

Get the Message Out

No Shave November is all about raising money for cancer charities but it also increases awareness of the disease. When you create your fundraising challenge think about the messages you use to highlight signs of cancer and the importance of getting help early. Use those generated by public health departments and major charities to ensure accuracy and consistency with messaging to the public. Done well, it may save a life.

No Shave November is an ideal time to have fun and raise awareness of cancer. Use this year to create fresh ways of participating in the campaign so it can be even stronger in future years. If you’re struggling with hair loss contact Custom Hair Tampa Bay by clicking here.



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