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The Psychological Effects of Hair Loss in Women

hair lossSociety has yet to accept the loss of hair among women as a norm. Thus, a woman that loses hair can feel depressed, and unattractive. As a woman, how can you overcome the effects of hair loss?

  1. How to react after noticing you’re losing your hair

Women should take it as a health indicator that tells them to seek medical attention. So, no shame about it.

  1. What you should never do after losing hair

It is okay to feel worried at first. However, you should accept your condition.

iii. Available temporary and permanent psychological interventions

Temporarily, you can seek general counseling to ease the pressing feelings. Afterward, you can seek therapeutic interventions to help you cope with your unprocessed emotions.

  1. How to encourage others

Sharing your insights into hair loss victims is an effective way of encouraging others. You can also participate in a support group of women experiencing the same thing

  1. It is not the end of everything

Losing hair is common among women. All is not lost. You should treat it as a call to undergo a health check.

  1. How to react to comments from people

It is okay to feel upset when people comment about it. However, you should seek help that will gradually improve your reaction.

vii. How to show up in style

You can opt to show up in a bald head, alter your hairstyle, or wear a wig. Whichever way you feel comfortable.

viii. Can you go bald and love it?

The answer is yes. However, it takes courage to go bald. Over time, you will get comfortable with your hair loss and see it as a norm to be bald.

  1. People that overcame hair loss

Several celebrities have overcome hair loss. They include Tyra Banks and Jesy Nelson. So, you can overcome it too.

The bottom line

As a woman, just take hair loss positively. It is a normal condition that is not shameful. A visit to Custom Hair Tampa Bay will provide a solution enabling you to move on with life. To schedule a free consultation click here.



Photo Credit: JerzyGorecki Via Pixabay