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No-Shave NovemberEvery November, men covet their hair with No-Shave November. Men who participate in this movement simply refuse to cut or shave their hair, whether it’s on their head or around their body. Simply allow your hair to grow and flow throughout the entire month. If you’re clean-shaven be put away the razor, and see how your hair grows for the whole month. If you already have a beard, show us that wild side and let it grow even longer.

What Is No-Shave November?

No-Shave November dates back to 2009 as a Facebook initiative to raise funds to be used towards cancer research. Two years prior, a Chicagoan named Matthew Hill lost his battle to colon cancer, thus his family started the initiative in his honor. This year marks the ten-year anniversary of No-Shave November. No Shave November as since partnered with organizations such as the Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

No-Shave November is meant to be a time for men who are considered lucky to still have their hair, and that they do not need to lose it from cancer recovery treatments such as chemotherapy. Whatever money you would otherwise spend during the month of November on razors and grooming products, you are encouraged to donate to No-Shave November’s funded partners instead, and allow that beautiful hair to continue to grow.

While this is a movement that men mostly partake in, women have been welcome to participate too, pledging to not get any haircuts or shave any body hair for a whole month. Even if you still decide to shave or cut your hair, you’re always welcome to spread the word on No-Shave November and make a pivotal donation so progress can still be made on cancer research.

Why You Should Be Part of No-Shave November

This November, be sure not to take a blade to any of your precious locks. The more men around with long manes and scruffy beards, the more people can find out about this wonderful opportunity to help cancer patients. Toss your razors aside for November and contribute to the search for the planet’s most sought-after cure.

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