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extensionsHair Extensions and the Beautiful Bride

When you are getting married, people have a lot of advice, especially about your wedding day look. Often, people will tell you to keep it simple or warn you not to “go overboard.” But your wedding day shouldn’t be about keeping your everyday look. You should feel free to try different beauty aids, including hair extensions. Extensions are an easy way to get that full, beautiful head of hair you’ve always wanted. And if not on your wedding day, then when?

Reasons for Extensions

Many women can benefit from hair extensions, particularly those who cannot easily grow long, full locks. You may simply have fine hair, or you may even have a hair loss problem. Whatever the reason, extensions are an easy answer. When done correctly, they do not show, even when you wear a traditional updo. Of course, you should go to a professional establishment that does extensions on a daily basis and that offers high quality, real hair. Then, ask for an in-depth consultation before making any decisions.

Types of Extensions

You can choose from several types of extensions, including clip-ins, tape, and permanent. For those brides who are leery of change, clip-ins might be the best choice. They add easy volume and length without requiring a commitment.

Experts do suggest tape extensions as a good solution for brides. They look natural and can be fitted and used for the big events leading up to the wedding, the wedding day itself and even the honeymoon. Between these events, the bride can remove them temporarily and then have them replaced and styled.

Permanent extensions are a bigger commitment and involve bonding the hair near to your scalp. They will have to be taken out and re-bonded after your hair grows out to a certain length. Still, they offer a beautiful natural look that requires little daily maintenance.

No bride should feel self-conscious about her hair on her big day. Using extensions can make you feel more beautiful than ever before. And your wedding is an opportunity to look the way you’ve always wanted. So, go ahead and get the bridal locks you deserve.

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Hair Extensions for Your Wedding Day: Everything you Need to Know