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hair extensionsIt’s nearly prom season and it’s time to start thinking about your hairstyle. This year, messy elegant styles are popular, but you do need long, thick hair in order to achieve them. If your hair is too short or thin for a mermaid braid or coif, don’t worry! You can use hair extensions to achieve the length and volume you need.

Top Prom Styles

With your new extensions, you can rock any style for prom, but the top styles include:

Braids: You’ll see lots of braids this year, from mermaid braids going around the side of the head, to split braids that create a bun at the nape of the neck. Braids can be neat or messy, and both look amazing! You may also want to try a new type of braid, rather than the standard three section plaits.

Buns: Gathering your hair into a bun is nothing new. Prom styles add braids and tendrils around the face. Adornments can make this classic style extra beautiful. Loosely gathered hair is also hot, though it doesn’t quite fit the bun formula.

Updo: Pile your luscious locks on top of your head for an elegant look. Curls hanging down add a special touch to this type of hairstyle. You can add ribbons and flowers, too.

Loose: With hair extensions, you can leave your hair loose and clipped back. Curl it to cascade over your shoulders and down your back for a gorgeous style.

Why Choose Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are a terrific way to get your hair prom-ready. They add volume and length while looking completely natural. You can do your hair up in amazing styles for any special event. The extensions will give you a thicker, fuller mane. You can even use them to add a new color to your existing hair, if you want.

You’ll find there are several different types of hair extensions. If you use them regularly, you’ll want extensions that are weighted for hair replacement. These help you avoid long term damage to your scalp and hair. Other methods can add more volume and may be a good choice for short term styles.

It’s also important that you have a professional put in the extensions. This ensures the hair will look natural and it also reduces the changes of damage. It’s worth the investment, since the end result will be amazing.

With extensions, your hair can be impressive. Don’t regret your choices for prom; make sure you choose the best option for your hair. There is no need to curse Mother Nature for lackluster hair when you can visit Custom Hair Tampa Bay and walk out with fuller, thicker hair courtesy of 100% human hair extensions. To schedule a free consultation at one of our three locations click here.



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