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hair lossWhen most people think about hair loss, they often associate balding with men. However, by the time women reach the age of 40, approximately 40 percent suffer from visible hair loss. This often leads to issues surrounding their emotional well-being, especially in regards to their self-image and confidence.

Why Is Female Hair Loss Taboo?

Unfortunately, it is often viewed as a taboo topic. Considering so many men suffer from hair loss, why is it that so few women speak about their personal experiences?

It is well-understood that hair loss increases one’s risk of depression and anxiety, which is why women are beginning to address hair loss in regards to true femininity. Since thinning hair is often seen as a masculine trait, many women begin to feel as though they are less of a woman — which, of course, could not be further from the truth. This idea is based on cultural and social norms, which is why this topic is so powerful.

To open up the conversation, a number of high-profile women have publicly spoken about their experiences with alopecia and hair loss as a whole. From supermodels to actresses, women are now beginning to talk about an issue that has been swept under the rug for far too long.

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Hair Loss Does Not Define You

During the feminist movement in the late 1960s, many women began to shave their heads. This symbolized their level of control, as they strived to challenge the notions of traditional femininity and gender performance. Throughout the coming years, many women followed, including Sinead O’Connor.

Although each case is unique and women shave their heads for varying reasons, many offered the public a similar message — it’s okay to be female and not have hair. A full head of hair is not what defines a person. In fact, those who speak out about their struggles showcase a level of power, strength, and control unlike any other.

Today, there are many women on the runway and in Hollywood who confidently strut their bald look. Some love the low maintenance of little to no hair, while others choose to go bald in order to accentuate their beautiful facial features.

Of those who experience losing their hair as a result of a medical condition, and not by choice, it is important to remember that your hair does not represent who you are.

Today, women are encouraged to speak about their personal hair loss experiences.

Be proud of the unique individual you are, inspire others to follow, and never allow social “norms” to make you feel any less beautiful.

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