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promWhen it comes to your 2018 prom hairstyle, anything goes. Whether you want to stay casual or go down the formal route, you can make any style work with the right thought, planning and execution. But if you’re struggling for ideas, here are four to get you started.

  1. Floral Half Updo With Extensions

This is a beautifully natural look that should grab lots of attention on the big night. Start with extensions so your hair runs right down to your waist. Create some big waves with a curling iron, and “rough” it up by running your fingers through the curls.

Bring your half updo to life with braids from either side of your head and tie them into place with some eye-catching pins. Complete the look by adding a few small flowers to your braids — creating a natural tiara that will get you noticed.

  1. Waterfall Braids with Curls

This is a great way to look glamorous all night, but without having to constantly readjust and tidy in the bathroom. However, you’ll need particularly long hair to pull this one off, so you might need to start with braids. The trick to getting waterfall braids right is to curl just the lower half of your hair, while leaving the rest straight.

Take a thick strand from near each ear, then weave them in and out of your straightened hair. Simple yet elegant, this style should stay in place for the whole event if your braids are tight and well-pinned.

  1. Fishtail Braid and Curls

Fishtail braids are as popular in schools today as they ever were. But you can turn them into something far more eye-catching with a low bun, some big, bouncy curls and lots of volume. Keep things loose around your bun and surround it with a clearly defined fishtail braid. Add a few ringlets around your ears to create some real Hollywood glamour.

  1. Hair Bow and Voluminous Curls

While you will definitely need some professional help to fold your bun into a bow, the effort and expense will be well worth it. Long, flowing curls should cascade from the bow with abandonment to create a casual style that will still turn heads. Just beware that you need lots of hair to create the bow and the wavy curls that make this hairstyle work, so you might need to begin with extensions.

All four of these gorgeous hairstyles are going to be very popular this prom season, so take the time to get yours right.

At Custom Hair Tampa Bay, our stylists will match your natural hair color and texture to extensions that will blend in seamlessly. No one will know you’re wearing extensions unless you wish to tell them! If you’re a prom goer come see us at one of our three locations by clicking here.


Photo Credit: Ilhabela Via Pixabay



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