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hair extensionsSome people think that hair extensions are just long lengths of hair that transform a short hairstyle into a longer one. Other individuals use them only for fun occasions, such as a masquerade party, or when they want an exotic look. Hair extensions can also transform your everyday style and are low maintenance.

How Hair Extensions Can Give You Confidence

Alopecia is a fairly common disorder that causes patchy hair loss in men and women. Over 6.8 million people in American are afflicted with this disorder at one time or another. Hair extensions help cover the patchy bald spots and create a fuller, more voluminous hair style. They add a huge boost to your self-esteem because you feel more confident having a beautiful head of hair.

Even if you don’t have alopecia, you may have naturally thin hair and dream of having thick, lustrous hair. Some people endure hair loss as a result of over-processing that damages the existing hair, causing it to fall out or break easily due to split ends. Other reasons why people purchase hair extensions are due to chemotherapy treatments that cause some of their hair — but not all — to fall out, or if the person had surgery or an injury that caused scarring on certain areas of the scalp. The hair extensions can make you feel like your old self again, thus restoring your confidence.

More Benefits

Other benefits of hair extensions include:

You can purchase hair extensions in different colors than your normal hair. This can provide you with natural-looking highlights, lowlights, or even bold-looking streaks to add pizzazz to your hairstyle.

They can shorten the length of time that it takes to style your hair. Instead of using heat and expensive products to make your hair appear fuller and thicker, you’ll wake up every day with the fullness and volume already there.

Hair extensions help disguise damaged hair due to over-processing or split ends. They can also help you get through the awkward stage of re-growing your hair after you get a short haircut that didn’t turn out to be as cute as you thought it would be.

Versatility is one of the most popular benefits of extensions because it allows you to style your hair in many different ways, by creating updos, elaborate braids, and other chic fashions.

Hair extensions can be added to very short hair lengths. The technician can work with existing hair that is only one to 5 inches in length. The versatility of them makes it a viable option for almost anyone who desires longer hair with more volume and fullness!

There is no need to curse Mother Nature for lackluster hair when you can visit Custom Hair Tampa Bay and walk out with fuller, thicker hair courtesy of 100% human hair extensions. To find one of our locations near you click here.



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