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washing your hairWith so many hair products on the market today it’s tempting to continually wash your hair on a daily basis. However, is that the best way to treat your locks? Here are some reasons why washing your hair less often is good.

Lack of Natural Oils

Washing hair frequently rids it of natural oils. Glands in the pores and skin produce sebum and this natural oil is what keeps hair vibrant and healthy. Too much use of shampoos and frequency of washing can result in lackluster hair. Take a break for hair health by washing it less often.

Product Residue

Washing your hair every day and using dyes, sprays and various products causes build up around the hair follicles. This can dull your strands causing dandruff and is not healthy for your hair. Try to go without washing your hair more than four to five days a week and see what difference that makes to the condition with fewer products being used.

Chemicals in Shampoo

Some of the chemicals found in shampoo are toxic to the body. A latest study discovered that some shampoos are as toxic as car fumes. There are some products which use a substance called volatile organic compound. This compound breaks down into particles that can result in respiratory issues. Be aware of these products that are health hazards and not just damaging to your hair.

Conserve Water

In order to conserve water, not washing your hair so often is an easy solution. Every so often try flipping off the tap and do something else rather than washing your hair. The environment will also have less products seeping into the ocean, and you’ll be preserving a natural resource. You’ll also save money on hair products by washing less.

Consider giving your hair a break and cut down on how often you wash it. Both your hair and your wallet will thank you.

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Photo Credit: Pexels Via Pixabay