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clean scalpHave you ever truly thought about the way you wash and clean your hair? You’ve probably heard many theories on hair washing, particularly the how often. Your hair isn’t simply a product of your genetics. Each hair follicle and gland rests in the surface of your skin on top of your scalp. Dirt and oils don’t necessarily rinse away, no matter how good your locks look and feel. Let’s examine how a clean scalp and hair should look once its thoroughly cleansed.


How to Clean Your Scalp

Believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to clean your hair and scalp. Your daily routine will determine how often you should wash your hair. The right shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments improve your hair health greatly when used properly. The next time your hairdresser washes your hair take note on how they clean your scalp and hair. The scalp massage isn’t just for your relaxation, massaging your scalp improves hair health. They also have knowledge on which products to use and how to use them.

A person’s skin type has a big impact on their hair health. If someone has fine hair they typically have 50 percent less protein than someone with thick hair. This will determine which products will be most beneficial to their hair type. If you have delicate hair it’s best to only use natural products as a wash. Using leave-in conditioner after each washing will help seal in natural oils.

Those with normal to dry skin types should only wash their hair twice a week. Anyone with oily skin shouldn’t wash their hair more than three times per week. Washing your hair too often can hurt hair health more than it helps.

Clarifying Your Scalp

Using clarifying products occasionally can remove access dirt and oil from your scalp and follicles which will improve nutrient delivery and blood flow to the follicle pores. Ultimately, making your scalp and hair healthier.

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Photo Credit: RyanMcGuire Via Pixabay