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holiday hairThe Holidays are upon us, and you want to look good for those Christmastime photos. With social media moments abounding, having the perfect holiday hair is a must. What new ‘do should you try? 2017 is a great year for holiday hair, so here are four top notch looks for you.

Classic Waves

Long, cascading flowing curls are a look that goes with anything and is always in fashion. It’s a hairstyle that compliments all face shapes and it radiates elegance and class. To make it even more fashion-worthy, create a side part to allow the waves to flow.

High Set Bun

Audrey Hepburn was the famous trend setter who popularized a sophisticated larger-than-life high set bun back in the 50’s and ’60s. It is making a comeback for the 2017 holiday season. This holiday hairstyle is easier to accomplish with longer locks. Adding hair extensions to gain more length is always a viable option to help achieve a “messy” high bun.

High Slick Pony Tail

Get out the hair gel, the ’90s slick ponytail is back. With fashion, what was once old becomes new again. Wear a slicked back high pony tail with a cocktail dress or something casual for the next holiday party, and you will turn heads. Be sure to stick a can of hairspray in your bag in case any flyaways or frizz appears making your ponytail fall flat.

Finger Waves

Creating finger waves can be trying, but the result is absolutely magical. You’ll channel your inner vintage film star with this classic holiday hairstyle. A good way to make it work it with lots of hair gel. Be sure to style the rest of your locks, because this hairstyle mainly involves your bangs.

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Photo Credit: skeeze Via Pixabay