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trichotillomaniaA fairly unknown disease, trichotillomania impacts approximately two hundred thousand people in the U.S. alone. Also, referred to as Hair Pulling Disorder, people who are afflicted with Trichotillomania (Trich) are prone to pulling their hair out, particularly the hair on top of their head. However, given the low prognosis numbers, most people have never heard of it. But, in honor of Trichotillomania Awareness Week (October 1st – 7th), we encourage you to take a look at the signs and symptoms of the disorder.

Symptoms and Signs

Trichotillomania is classified as an “obsessive-compulsive” condition, and those afflicted by Trich suffer from these symptoms and signs:

Hair Pulling: As referred to, this disorder causes the compulsive pulling of hair from various parts of the body.

No Sign of Other Psychological Issues: Trichotillomania is a distinct condition but, other disorders will mimic Trich symptoms. So, if there aren’t any obvious signs of another condition, hair pulling can be attributed to Trichotillomania.

No Skin Irritation: Hair shedding and inflammation of the scalp can be due to other dermatological problems (i.e. Alopecia), however, if you have these signs and symptoms, and no dermatological issues, it can be Trichotillomania.

Cannot Resist the Urge to Pull: Another common symptom of Trichotillomania is the inability to stop the hair pulling behavior. So, if you do have an issue with hair pulling and have attempted to stop, this is surely a symptom of this condition.

Social and Behavioral Problems: similarly, those afflicted with Trichotillomania are often struggling with anxiety and feeling highly stressed out by social scenarios.

Who Suffers from Trich?

Even though it is relatively uncommon and not widely known about, several prominent celebrities suffer from Trichotillomania. Victoria Beckham, Justin Timberlake and Naomi Campbell are among the most famous celebs afflicted with this disorder. Furthermore, there several hair replacement options widely available to all, which are designed to help mask the symptoms.

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