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wigThe wig, as it’s well known, has been with humans since ancient times. It’s no surprise that people have long wanted to enhance their looks with preternaturally attractive locks, but what might come as a shock is the fact that, according to sources like the Daily Mail, wigs have “never been more realistic―or popular.”

In the year that article was written, wig sales rose by 20 percent, and have remained strong through recent years. Furthermore, individuals are more apt to admit they’re rocking a stylish hairpiece (not that one would be able to tell), as the stigma surrounding doing so has all but vanished. What’s driving the resurgence of the wig and its newfound popularity? At least part of the reason has to do with the fact that wigs have never been as well-made as they are today.

The Modern Wig-Making Process

As revealed in an article from Popsugar, the modern wig-making process is “utterly painstaking.” Master craftsmen can spend up to 50 hours on making one wig, weaving individual strands and blending them together into a finished product. A more in-depth look at the multiple steps involved in this complicated business can be gleaned from this guide, courtesy of How Products Are Made, which adds that “the making of a full, custom-fitted, hand-tied, human-hair wig” ― one of the most realistic varieties available ― might take “four to eight weeks to make.” Knowing this, it’s little wonder that wigs are now looking better than ever, but that’s not the only thing that’s contributed to their increased profile. The donning of wigs by popular celebrities has also played a crucial role.

The Role of Celebrity

According to a recent article from Rebel Circus, there’s a sizable number of A-list celebrities who wear wigs both at formal events and in their day-to-day lives. Celebrity stylist estimates that “97 percent of female celebrities regularly rely on faux hair pieces,” and the article, along with one from InStyle, go on to name the many singers and actresses who belong to that statistic. Big names like Lady Gaga, Katie Holmes, Rihanna and more make an appearance, and the effect is clear ― the wig is “in,” and while not all officially admit to wearing one, the mere fact that they do so has put them in the public eye and raised their credibility significantly.

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The popularity of wigs continues unabated from the ancient times