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hair accessoriesSummer 2017, is expected to be one of the best yet in the world of hair accessories. The latest trends give you the freedom to choose accessories that fit your personality. But that doesn’t imply there aren’t seasonal guidelines to be aware of — and here are three of the hottest trends.

  1. The Bow is Back

Bows are back in style, and they’re bigger than ever. If you decide to go with a bow in your hair, bigger is better. Ribbons and floral motifs are being featured, as well as intertwined bows blended with plaits. Patterned bows are back in style, placed on top or just off center on the top of the head. Also, you’ll be seeing lots of pigtails and side ponytails held together with bows.

  1. Bandanas and Headbands

One of the most surprising trends of the summer is the return of the headband. They’re bigger, glossier and more multicolored than ever, so choose boldly. Another returning trend in 2017 is the bandana, and it’s bringing back the seventies in a wonderful way.

  1. Flower Power

Don’t be afraid to add a flower to your hair this summer season. And it’s not only flowers making an appearance in the land of hair accessories; you’ll also notice lots of twigs, leaves and homemade hair accessories. The return of flower power is here, and this iconic hippie style is giving ladies the opportunity to be free and creative with their hairstyle.

Get ahead of the hair accessory trends this year by trying out these looks this summer!

No matter what the hair trends are if you’re suffering from hair loss it can be difficult to feel confident about your look. Our specialists will help you customize a hair replacement solution that matches your lifestyle. To schedule a free consultation at one of our three locations click here.



Photo Credit: Free-Photos Via Pixabay