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saltwater Summer is often synonymous with beachside relaxation. Are you headed to the seaside this summer, but want to make sure you don’t ruin or damage your locks? Let’s learn more about saltwater and determine if it’s good or bad for your hair.

  1. Its Scientific Name is Sodium Chloride

You may have learned about this in grade school. Positive ions in sodium counteract the charge of negative ions in chloride. This sodium chloride can have benefits for your hair strands, and be used as an exfoliant on your skin. Sodium chloride can also bring relief to an itchy or dry scalp.

  1. Cleopatra Loved Its Effects

The Dead Sea, a saltwater lake, has so much salt content that you can actually float in it without sinking. Cleopatra had resorts built alongside its banks so that she could spend so much time frolicking there. The Egyptian queen was known for her extravagant beauty regimens, which may have included saltwater.

  1. Saltwater May Dry Out Your Hair

This one is on the negative side: if you already experience extreme dryness, then spending too much time in saltwater may damage it, as the sodium chloride diffuses into the hair. As your body and hair dry, the water may evaporate, but the salt concentration on your scalp surface increases.

  1. Saltwater in Your Hair May be Hard to Manage

When combined with the effects of the sun’s rays, you may find it hard to brush out or smoothen your hair. Try washing it out with a good conditioner after you’ve had adequate time enjoying the beach! And try to avoid beach salt sprays if you find it becoming problematic for your hair.

  1. Prep is Just as Important as Aftercare

When headed to the beach, coat your hair in a light virgin coconut oil to prevent damage and dryness. It’s just as important to take preventative measures before you head out as it is when you return and condition your hair to get it flowing and glowing again.

Here in Florida, we live where others vacation so our exposure to saltwater is often inevitable. At Custom Hair Tampa Bay, we often see the results of overexposure, so if you are seeking out a hair replacement solution after experiencing extreme hair loss or damage, contact us for a consultation by clicking here.


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