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summer hairstylesAs warmer weather heralds the arrival of summer, thoughts turn to looking good at the pool or on the beach. Sea water and chlorinated pools can make hair look messy in minutes. Here’s how to enjoy the summer, have fun in the water and still keep up your summer hairstyles.

Keep Long Hair Under Control

Longer hair can get frizzy in the sea, but you can still look elegant by styling your tresses differently. Consider braiding hair for the summer season so it stays in place and is easy to maintain. Alternately, a French plait looks glamorous and is a practical way of keeping hair under control in a swimming pool.

Go Shorter

A pixie haircut or short bob is cool and practical for summer and when water sports are part of the day. Visit your hairdresser to talk through short styles that are easy to maintain when you are on the go. With a new crop, you’ll be ready to try all kinds of sporting activities in the summer weather.

Try a Wig

If your hair is a challenge to maintain after a swim, then think about using a wig when you are out of the pool. This is ideal for evening events on vacation when you want to look your best but still want to make the most of the water sports and swimming opportunities. Many wigs can be styled to look similar to your natural hair.

Condition Well

After a day of swimming, your hair needs care to ensure it retains its natural oils and looks good. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to rinse out any salt or chlorine. By caring for your hair in warmer weather, you’ll reduce the risk of split ends and unsightly frizz from being exposed to the water.

Get Some Highlights

One of the best things about summer hair is that it can lighten your color thanks to the sun’s rays. Try to complement this by asking your stylist about highlights that can give a glow to your head and look superb with sun-lightened hair. Be careful to use a reputable highlighting product so it is not further discolored by the pool chlorine.

Summer is the time of the year to be outdoors and making the most of longer days. Having stylish hair for swimming is easy and will make you look good in and out of the water.

If you’re suffering from hair loss or thinning hair the thought of going swimming during the summer can be challenging. At Custom Hair Tampa Bay, we have multiple non-surgical hair replacement solutions available to you. To schedule a free consultation at one of our locations, click here.



Photo Credit: Greyerbaby Via Pixabay