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laser hair therapyMany who are suffering from hair loss have tried to disguise hair loss with temporary solutions like comb-overs, hats or toupees. Subsequently, women and men stricken by hair loss eventually turn to surgical hair replacement procedures for a permanent fix. Others looking for a non-surgical procedure will seek out more temporary solutions. These days, there’s a better, permanent, non-surgical technique to hair loss: laser hair therapy.

Laser hair therapy or low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is an advanced, technological approach to the treatment of thinning hair and baldness, and other scalp conditions. For the duration of the laser hair procedure, a device containing low ranges of laser energy transfers that power to the scalp, wherein the power is released as a laser light. The light positions itself to reach all of the affected regions of the scalp; the light stimulates hair follicles on contact, prompting healthy blood circulation. As a result of the stimulation and blood flow, the follicles are able to produce new, healthy, fuller hair.

Women and men who use laser hair therapy for moderate or early stages of hair loss will get the best initial results after receiving 10 or more treatments. Their strongest advantage being they can start growing their natural hair. Because laser hair therapy is non-invasive people often choose it over surgical procedures that would get the same results. In both cases, hair is frequently thicker, stronger and shinier as a result of the improved blood flow. In addition to re-growing hair in affected regions, laser treatment can also prevent more hair from falling out.

The idea of treating hair loss with low-powered lasers has existed since the 1960s, but not until recently has it been commonly used at hair studios. That is, in part, because of the lack of historical treatment research. Recently, numerous trials and additional research have zeroed in on low level laser therapy for hair loss and other ailments, with high success rates, and a natural growth in popularity.

While most likely, minimal adjustments will be made to the actual laser itself, it’s probable that the devices used to emit the beams will get smaller, and will be more accessible. All of those factors, including its non-invasive nature, suggest that laser hair therapy will be the favored technique of hair rejuvenation and restoration in the years to come.

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